Services Available

The services offered by the organization include medical intervention, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech & audiology intervention, psychotherapy, behaviour modification along with educational programme. The skill training for persons with disabilities includes self-help skills to vocational skills. The services are offered more at the centre level in comparison to community based rehabilitation programme. People come to us from different parts of the country to receive clinical services from experienced professionals.


1. Special OPD

When a child with disability comes to the institute, he/she gets enrolled under special OPD services of the institute. After a detail assessment of the disabled individual by trained professional, he/she either get admission in the school or is advised for further consultation and therapeutic services. The planning of services is made as per requirement of the child with special needs and at the convenience of the parents. The service in special OPD includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology intervention, Psychological Assessment and Medical Intervention.


2. Special school

Special School of the organization functions from 10 AM to 4 PM in every working day. Children with mental retardation, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, autism and multiple disabilities attend regular activities of the special school. These children with special needs are integrated together during day care programme.



Apart from having parent's teacher meeting to discuss various problems and management possibilities related to their children, we also organize parents training programme for better handling and follow of children with special needs. The curriculum of the programme has been designed by RCI and IGNOU. A certificate of participation has been given to the parents after participation in the training programme.



We also organize screening and awareness camps every year at different places to provide needed services to persons with disabilities and their families. We also provide guidance and counseling services to the parents after a short assessment of their wards. So far, the organization organizes one camp every year at different places in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh.


5. Community based rehabilitation programme

The Institution provides different types of services under CBR Programme, such as education, training, treatment, rehabilitation, care and habilitation for persons with disabilities in their own areas. The children with special needs and their parents are contacted during home visit programme and treatment and welfare services are offered by the professionals after having their proper assessment. The regular follow-ups are made as per given intervals and parents are encouraged to carry-out the targeted work at home. The organization do not have separate staff to carryout this essential work, however the CBR activities have been carried out with existing staff and trainees of various courses conducted by the institute.

6. Awareness programme

It has been observed that there is a great need of creating awareness about causes, nature and types of disability along with management possibilities to integrate and bring persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society. However, the institute organizes awareness lectures, workshops, meetings, debates and different types of play to create such awareness in the community. Awareness programme also includes benefits and concession available for disabled people. Apart from these, we also organize awareness programme on AIDS, RCH, Family Planning, human rights etc.